IMG_0134Shiho! <3On the overnight ferry to NiijimaFerry ceilingIt was like the Titanic!Tokyo
IMG_0036ShihoTokyoCamping out on the overnight ferry!Lemon Highball in a can for about two bucks :DIMG_0053
It was pouring when we got there but the rest of the weekend was gorgeousA bunch of cute boys in jumpsuits came and hooped!Hube!IMG_0065IMG_0066IMG_0067

Here is my set from Guru Guru camp. I had only been in Japan for a couple of weeks before traveling for almost 24 hours to get to a tiny amazing island just south of Tokyo.

I met so many wonderful people and saw the most amazing island every, through hula hooping! It is a magical thing.\

My awesome friend Shiho and I on the bullet train on our way to Tokyo from Osaka 🙂
Shiho! <3

on the over night ferry to the island!
Ferry ceiling

we got people from all over the island to come hula hoop with us!
A bunch of cute boys in jumpsuits came and hooped!

this island seriously made me feel like I was on the tv show lost… jungle! Hooptastic!

my pal Colleen rocking out with my fire hoop.

more Colleen! she is an awesome hooper from Eugene!
love this photo

met some awesome crazy surfers that like to dress up and have music festivals 😀

This is Sayaka, she rocks!!


the island is famous for this stone, which occurs naturally only here and in one island off of Italy. There are sculptures made out of it everywhere, and when you heat it it turns into a gorgeous green glass.

This island really was a magical place, it stole my heart. The locals were awesome. I want to go back again and try surfing and blowing glass…ahh so lovely! There are several onsens (hot springs) on the island, that are sea water heated by the volcano under the island. The one we frequented on our trip was free and looked like a city ruins:

It was sooo beautiful! I hope I can go back again some day
Anyway, I am updating this from the airport, because I still don’t have internet at home! I am on my way to Singapore for a week! More photos soon